AQUATIC PROGRAMMING FOR SUCCESS: THE EBBS & FLOWS (Workshop 1.5-3 hours / Class 1 hour)

This seminar will teach you to utilize your most expensive piece of fitness equipment – your pool! Learn to maximize your return on investment and take programming that is “all wet” and have it gleam with excellence. Take your dying aquatics program and resuscitate it with alternative programming, instructor training, leadership, and motivational tools to create a profitable aquatic exercise program. Leave with great strategic marketing tools and programming protocols to turn your pool into a profit center!

1. Explore ways to grow the profits from your pool
2. Strategize opportunities to engage new members by showcasing your aquatic offerings
3. Determine which programs are best for your current members
4. Examine a variety of unique programs offered for aqua
5. Learn about the benefits of aqua programming, and how to efficiently run and manage these programs

8 FT UNDER: DEEP WATER CHOREOGRAPHY (Workshop 1.5-3 hours / Class 1 hour)

Is your aqua choreography D.O.A.? Revive your water programming and take your students to new depths with all new choreography designed especially for deep water. From warm-ups to cool-downs and everything in between, this is a complete workout from head to toe, which is sure to “breathe some life” back into your class. Experience all the benefits of deep water with choreography patterns “to die for” in this safe and fun workout. “Life support” includes noodles, flotation belts and gloves. (Equipment: belts, noodles, or both)

1. Explore ways to re-engage your aqua enthusiasts
2. Learn how to create a unique aqua program from start to finish
3. Discuss the benefits of having aqua programming “afloat” for your clients
4. Discover how aqua exercise offers less impact, leaving you less sore and ready for more
5. Examine how deep-water aqua programming offers a whole new level of exercise opportunity


Based upon the fitness trend in land exercise, enjoy creative water exercise sequences that use a noodle as a ballet barre for both stability and challenge. This ballet-inspired barre aqua workout utilizes the principles of dance, functional strength training and Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your arms, legs, and core. Experience small isometric movements and full range-of-motion exercises to tone and fatigue the muscles of the entire body set to motivational music for an intergenerational cutting-edge program. (Equipment: Aqua Noodles & light tubing with padded rotating handles)

1. Learn how to get your barre exercise lovers in the water
2. Analyze the benefits of aqua barre for strength, flexibility, and overall movement
3. Enjoy the unique ways aqua exercise can be used to turn any land format into a cutting-edge aqua workout
4. Discover how aqua exercise offers less impact, leaving you less sore and ready for more
5. Examine how the fluidity and fun will have your clients coming back again and again

BIKINI BOOTCAMP (Workshop 1.5-2 hour / Masterclass 1 hour)

This isn’t your regular swimsuit sweat fest! Circuits, drills, explosive intervals, and short recovery periods raise your clients to new levels in this aquatic adventure inspired by athletes. Incinerate your winter fat and burn up your lap lanes with this hot, new aquatic workout.

1. Entice your clients to jump in and utilize this low impact option for a hard-core workout
2. Explore how water exercise can offer minimal impact HIIT action
3. Tour how to use unique intervals to strengthen core and create a new twist on aqua exercise
4. Discover a new aquatic workout to bring to your gym
5. Create a fun enticing class that seems to be for land, but is held in the pool

FLUID YOGA: YOGA POSES IN THE POOL (Workshop 1.5-2 hours)

In this session, you will experience traditional yoga movements in the warm and fluid environment of the pool. Watch your traditional vinyasas take on a new twist to include flowing patterns and controlled variations. Your aqua participants will enjoy the mind, body, and water fusion of this yoga alternative! These movements are perfect for every aqua cool-down and enticing as a new programming option. (Equipment: Aqua Noodles)

1. Explore techniques to allow your aqua client to participate in yoga in this unique way
2. Discover creative ways to engage and connect the mind, body, and spirit in the water
3. Examine how to use poses to strengthen core and create a new twist on yoga
4. Learn a variety of poses for all levels to increase flexibility, strength, and balance
5. Create a safe and effective yoga practice in the water

WATERinMOTION®: AQUA CREATIVITY & CHOREO (Workshop 1.5-2 hour / Masterclass 1 hour)

WATERinMOTION® is an aqua exercise workout that provides a low impact, high-energy challenge for participants of all ages, skill and fitness levels in a pre-choreographed fitness system. The RIPPLE Effect focuses on six elements used to enhance teaching techniques. Remember your choreography, Instruct verbally, Perform physically, Personalize the workout, Lead the group and Excite the people. Leave with eight segments of 64-count choreography notes. This blend of theoretical and practical skills makes this workshop an experience not to be missed! (Equipment: Aqua Noodles)

1. Learn the basics of creative aqua sequencing
2. Understand how to make a program fit for all levels in the pool
3. Discover new choreography options to keep clients entertained
4. Explore the benefits of aqua exercise for all ages and skill levels
5. Look deeper into the theory of class design for aqua

WATERinMOTION® PLATINUM: AQUA AGING (Workshop 1.5-2 hour / Masterclass 1 hour)

WATERinMOTION® Platinum is a shallow-water, low-impact aqua exercise experience that offers seniors and deconditioned participants a fun workout improving cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, strength, and flexibility. This customized exercise system provides easy-to-teach and learn choreography, fantastic marketing and scientifically designed programming and education for the 65+ market. Catch the wave! (Equipment: Aqua Noodles)

1. Discover ways this low-impact environment creates a healthy workout
2. Learn how to get deconditioned individuals to incorporate fitness into their lives
3. Explore how aqua exercise can assist with arthritis and/or cognitive deterioration
4. Discuss the benefits aqua exercise for the active ager
5. Examine the unique program that offers a multitude of features 3 times per month