This seminar will teach you to utilize your most expensive piece of fitness equipment – your pool! Learn to maximize your return on investment and take programming that is “all wet” and have it gleam with excellence. Take your dying aquatics program and resuscitate it with alternative programming, instructor training, leadership, and motivational tools to create a profitable aquatic exercise program. Leave with great strategic marketing tools and programming protocols to turn your pool into a profit center!

1. Explore ways to grow the profits from your pool
2. Strategize opportunities to engage new members by showcasing your aquatic offerings
3. Determine which programs are best for your current members
4. Examine a variety of unique programs offered for aqua
5. Learn about the benefits of aqua programming, and how to efficiently run and manage these programs

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: BE YOU! (45 min – 1.5 hours)

Join Sara Kooperman, an icon in the fitness industry with three decades of experience, as she uncovers insights into living life to the fullest. Sara shares both professional and personal history and addresses how a balance of work, home, and health along with a belief in yourself will lead you to the exploration and achievement of your life goals. Leave inspired, motivated, and recharged to return with a new direction and dedication to both you and your clients. Understand how the greatest gift you can give your family, friends, and clients is to just BE YOU!

1. Leave feeling motivated to live your best life
2. Explore ways to increase your positive mindset and become your biggest fan
3. Learn how your positivity and self-confidence is contagious to those around you
4. Discover techniques for social, emotional, and work-place growth
5. Examine how to turn obstacles into opportunities through perspective


Discover the secrets on how to overcome challenges and engage opportunities as a woman in the fitness industry today. Wander down the road to professional fulfillment, using confidence, competition, and character. Explore the very personal failures and successes of one of the most accomplished women in the fitness industry. Let this visionary industry icon empower you to make game-changing decisions.

1. Master tips and tricks to overcome challenges in business
2. Delve into ways to grow your confidence and feel empowered
3. Learn ways to make your expertise within any industry be heard
4. Absorb learning objectives to ensure your success
5. Examine ways other women have risen above the challenges to come out on top


Did you know that 72% of people who stop using your club are new members? It’s important to engage these clients within the first 90 days of integrating them into our facilities. In this entertaining and educational session, take a close look at staffing needs, client engagement, marketing options, financial incentives, leadership strategies, and tracking metrics that will all lead to greater retention.

1. Address staffing needs including retraining, off-ramping poor performers, rescuing fading team members, adjusting work hours and time off.
2. Review Client needs as they relate to onboarding, goal setting loyalty, referrals, communication, tours and events.
3. Analyze effective marketing strategies including branding, emails, social media, business relationships and events.
4. Address money strategies for joining fees, monthly dues, ancillary revenue, investors, and cost centers.
5. Review personal relationships, professional affiliations and continuing education.


Examine how to market effectively, efficiently while remaining cost effective. Explore branding your business through various media driving it to success. Uncover your unique market position, develop pop-ups, postcards, social media posts, email, text messages, eNewsletters, and expand your social media presence. Explore ways to take your business to the next level with effective, strategic, and inexpensive marketing. Learn from this entrepreneur who started from a 3rd floor walk-up and created a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Leave with plenty of FREE advice and resources!

1. Leave with an understanding of the importance of branding, from large to small, and how to use it successfully
2. Explore innovative strategies for email marketing
3. Learn new and effective ways to reach your clients through text messaging systems
4. Discover techniques for social media strategies that are systematic, inexpensive and effective
5. Explore newsletters approaches to impact your clients


Great management is not asking someone to do something; it’s about making sure that it gets done. Explore effective ways to evaluate your platform, schedule important projects, and measure your staff performance taking out the personal and injecting the profitable. Managing is about systems and satisfaction. Having a successful career is making a difference through effective, honest, and open-minded leadership.

1. Uncover an understanding on how to keep people motivated
2. Delve into the importance of positive management for a business and team
3. Master ways to manage without stress
4. Learn how to help everyone rise to their ultimate potential
5. Examine effective ways to manage different types of workers

LIFE IS NOT AN OBSTACLE COURSE (45 min – 1.5 hours)

Are we competing in The Titan Games or just trying to survive and make it through the day? Getting to work on time, needing car repairs and making dinner for your family, whew… In real life, it’s the small stuff that pulls us down, blurs our vision and leaves us exhausted… often preventing us from finding our passion and unlocking our true potential. Embrace strategies and proven techniques to help you manage and inspire lackluster employees and other naysayer family members to overcome professional hurdles. Empower yourself to triumph through the toughest times, power your own path and far exceed your own expectations.

1. Identify stressors that prohibit growth
2. Help others find their passion & unlock potential
3. Embrace strategies & proven techniques to inspire
4. Learn how to overcome professional hurdles
5. Research ways to empower yourself & exceed expectations


Address the growing focus on membership retention and managing by the numbers. Sara Kooperman, the IL Business Woman of the Year and the owner of the largest Fitness Education Conferences in the world, explores new ways to schedule programming, determine wage increases and methods to evaluate your program taking out the personal and injecting in the profitable. Managing a Group Ex staff is not about being the best instructor, hiring your friends or having the hottest music. It’s about systems and satisfaction. It’s about building a team through respect. Leave with plenty of practical advice that that you can begin using Monday morning.

1. Master tips and tricks to overcome management challenges
2. Discover new ways to unlock hidden potential within your staff
3. Figure out ways to make your club rise above the competition
4. Design a system for your club that can nearly run itself
5. Examine effective ways management can be used as a tool to motivate


What’s working, what’s not? Let’s take the temperature of the nation and address the impending changes that are needed to survive. How can we deal with the loss of revenue from the missed January rush? What is the industry telling us and what and how we can make practical and immediate modifications that will drive membership growth and retention and increase our ancillary revenue? In this presentation we will address programming, staffing, club layout, wellness and hit all the peak topics that our post-pandemic world has thrown at us.

1. Determine how to attract new members while maintaining our current ones.
2. Discover ways to increase traffic to our facilities.
3. Design new methods of programming to increase the retention of current members
4. Examine how to approach new members and readjust our social media to maintain our existing ones.
5. Explore fresh marketing and branding strategies to attract new members.


This detailed presentation examines the fitness trends created by the pandemic and which changes will enable us to succeed in the coming year. We will examine the drivers in our health and wellness businesses, which will lead to extended success. Customer experience, programming options and technological advancements are placed under a microscope of best practices. To unlock our potential, we will inspect implementation, experimentation, and systematization of exercise execution and review the predictions from IHRSA, ACSM, SCW, IDEA, SHAPE, Men’s Fitness, and a variety of International Sources. Join Sara Kooperman, an Industry Icon, for this engaging and illuminating presentation guaranteed to leave you excited about our fitness future.

1. Examine what will steer our industry in the right direction
2. Inspect ways to stay on top, or ahead, of what is to come
3. Learn new ways to integrate these up-and-coming trends into your own career
4. Discover how to learn from what’s outdated to help you generate more income in the future
5. Explore ways to create systems, which will keep you at the forefront of the fitness industry


In this informative workshop, learn how to attract prospects, retain members, and increase club/facility awareness through event planning strategies that are simple and easy to implement. Leave with a formula for FREE marketing, techniques for sales modeling and practical scripting protocols that are guaranteed to draw and retain those hard-to-reach members. Perfect for owners, directors and managers, this workshop teaches you to attract, pre-qualify and confirm attendance thereby decreasing no-shows and selling effectively at any fitness event.

1. Contemplate unique ways to grow your membership
2. Inspect ways to retain your current members
3. Examine best ways to implement new products to your club to create additional income
4. Discover what works when it comes to marketing and sales
5. Explore how to create a cohesive and cooperative community throughout your club


If you are a new owner, a veteran manager, or an aspiring coordinator, we all need effective methods to manage and motivate others and ourselves. Whether it is coordinating a large company or leading a small group of passionate trainers, strategies for successful goal setting and effective execution are addressed in this creative and entertaining presentation. Leave refreshed and excited to conquer your world!

1. Explore ways to ensure your team is setting attainable goals
2. Discover how to lead with passion yet obtain positive outcomes
3. Master ways to motivate without stress
4. Learn to familiarize yourself with managing all types of people
5. Execute top managing strategies that can work in all fields


Meet with industry experts regarding the future of group fitness, personal training, nutrition, and club operations as they discuss where our industry is now, the challenges we are facing in today’s market, and where our future lies. Questions will be asked to the group to stimulate unified answers and differing opinions. An open forum will follow where you can address the experts and hear first-hand the best practices that exist today.

1. Learn what is up and coming in every area of fitness
2. Hear unique opinions on where the industry is going
3. Gain the opportunity to ask your questions and gain personal insight
4. Get insight on why the industry is changing due to its restraints
5. Discover how you can use these trends to your advantage


This entertaining presentation examines the fitness fads, exercise trends, wellness goals that have and will drive our health and wellness businesses to success in the coming year. Franchise innovations, boutique studio successes, customer experience challenges, unique equipment offerings, creative programming options and technological advancements are put under a microscope of best practices. This innovative session reviews the predictions from various sources including Forbes, Men’s Health, IHRSA, ACSM, Shape Magazine and SCW insights. Join Sara Kooperman, an Industry Icon, for this engaging and illuminating presentation guaranteed to leave you excited about our fitness future.

1. Examine what will steer our industry in the right direction
2. Inspect ways to stay on top, or ahead, of what is to come
3. Learn new ways to integrate these up-and-coming trends into your own business
4. Discover how to learn from what’s outdated and what is innovative to help you generate more income in the future
5. Explore ways to create systems that will keep you at the forefront of the fitness industry


Learn impactful tips on how to engage with your virtual audience. Review everything from sign-ups to send-offs. Lighting, cameras, music, and more. Review the systems and financial set-up to survive past this pandemic and succeed long into the future.

1. Address ways to integrate a virtual platform for your Group Ex participants
2. Look into streaming your personal training sessions while maintaining a live option
3. Discover pricing strategies that will make for a profitable combination of live and online
4. While online training is a cost of doing business, it does not have to be a drain
5. Setting up and training your group exercise and personal training teams for success